19 January 2013

Its no secret that my husband doesn't *love* his job.

Ever since he got medically retired from the USMC in 2010, he's been working as a CO at a local minimum security prison. He thought he would just use it as a gateway to get into law enforcement, but the longer he's been in, he's realizing that's probably not going to happen.

Also, the longer he's in ... the more he realizes this job is the pits.

And what makes the job even worse is the fact that he works with some incredibly lazy people, to be quite honest. People who literally don't show up for work. For no good reason. With no courtesy call to say they are not coming in. People who do call in ... for a tiny cough. And people who would rather lay in bed with a hangover from Friday night's tryst at the local bar, than show up for work on their three-day work weekend.

And these people still have jobs ... no one is getting fired. Because the State NEEDS workers.

I just don't get it.

Because of a lot of these people, my husband is now working a seven-day week, all 12 to 13 hour days, this week. He spent the first four in school, getting his yearly re-certification on the gun range, hand-to-hand combat and the like. And was supposed to have a two day break before going back to finish the weekend on Sunday.

But No!

He wound up getting called in Friday morning, and told before Friday was even over just to forget about having Saturday off, and to show up for lineup first thing in the morning.

He was feeling rather defeated ... but do you know what the first thing on his mind was? And what he called me to say?

That he feels bad for me. And for the kids. That he's been gone all week ... I've been alone with them for [soon to be] seven days, with no relief. From sun up to sun down.

(And any mom with two little ones three and younger can attest to the fact that sometimes, all you want is a few minutes of alone time. This week?! Yea -- I didnt even get to SHOWER by myself without a little intruder. And I had an audience when I needed to pee. Clapping and comments from all. )

So because he feels so guilty, and like it's somehow his fault, he wants me to take the extra overtime money he'll get in this paycheck and treat myself. Hair, nails, waxing ... whatever I want done. I don't really feel like I deserve it, honestly, but I sincerely appreciate the gesture.

And really ... I could use a haircut. And my eyebrows need a waxing. And its been longer than forever since I last got my nails done. I guess a day to treat myself sounds rather nice. And gives me something to look forward to, as I get through the last couple days of this long week.

What sweet things does your significant other do, when they feel like they've been missing so much?!


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