20 January 2013

A Full Night's Sleep is Unheard of Here

Its been just over a week since we started sleep-training L.

He now has it pretty mastered, and I have no problem nursing him, and laying him down awake, knowing that he will put himself to sleep in just a matter of minutes. Whether its bedtime at 8pm, or either of his daily naps that he takes.

Now our problem is getting him to sleep longer than 2 hours consecutively at night. I dont know if its just a habit of his to wake up and nurse, if his molars are bothering him ... or if there is something else going on. He's never been a good sleeper. Ever since we moved him from our room to his crib, I've gotten very little sleep at night. And now function relatively well without it.

But it doesn't mean that makes me happy.


Do any of you moms have any tips on helping little ones sleep longer spells at night?! [Without just letting them cry and scream when they wake up, that is!]


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