03 August 2010

Wayne Correctional Facility

The husband got a phone call this morning, as we were driving home from the store.

He got really excited when he answered it, thinking it was a returned call from an interview he had last week. It wasn't but it was just as good.

Ever since he's been home from the Marine Corps, he's been trying to get into law enforcement. He went and talked to the local Sherriff about working as a jailer, and there is some potential there. But he also went to Raleigh and took a test in order to work as a Corrections Officer in the State Prison system.

Last week he had an interview. And the call today was for another interview.

This is good.

This show of interest means he did well on his test. And that people want him to work for them.

Now we just have to wait until they are finally hiring and we should have something lined up. Im keeping my fingers crossed for him.


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