02 August 2010

Retirement: A Month Later

Well, its been a month since our retirement from the Marines.

And we've survived.

Husband has been on one job interview, and has dropped off an application for another job. Both in law enforcement. We're waiting to hear back from both of them. He also took a test for a corrections officer in the state.

Ive been running the house, as always. Nothing has changed there.

Boogie is crawling up a storm. She's getting faster every day. And she has two teeth sprouting up from the bottom on her mouth. Every once in awhile they give her a fit, but for the most part, she seems to be doing really well with them. No fever. Nothing.

For half of the month, we were out of town, so we really didnt feel the pinch of minimal income. Which was a good thing. We have some of a savings built up to pay the bills this month, which we're going to need. And we found out on Friday that our VA package has finally been approved -- so we should start getting paid from the VA in September.

That will be a major sigh of relief.


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