12 April 2010

Tylenol? Its our Friend!

Devil Pup was beyond cranky today.

She's taking cranky to a whole other level lately. High pitched squeals. Spitting. Trying to bite my face. Bashing her head against me. Pulling my hair -- and not ever-so-gently, either.

I know its the teeth. Or tooth, I should say.

As of this weekend, we can finally see the little white bump on her bottom gums. But so far, nothing has broken through the skin. Im hoping its getting close ... and thats why she's overly clingy and whiney today.

This afternoon it reached an all-time high. She was fussy. And warm. And ready for a nap. So I gave her a little bit of tylenol before I laid her down.

For the first time in ... well, I dont know how long ... she napped for more than 30 minutes. As a matter of fact, she slept for a good hour and a half. I went in to check on her multiple times -- before I remembered the tylenol-induced sleep ... and figured she would be out for a little bit.

She's awake ... and cranky. But at least she got some good naps in this afternoon.

Too bad it's not good parenting to offer a serving of tylenol every night at bedtime. Maybe then I could go more than 2 hours without a sleep interruption lately. The joys of motherhood!


  1. I firmly believe in tylenol. in fact its my new bff. teething is a bitch. hang in there youll make it thru.

  2. Poor baby! Teething is the devil!!!! My 7mth old was horrible when he got his bottom teeth in. I'm waiting for his top ones now...I totally feel your pain!

    Happy sleeping!