09 April 2010

Queen CrankyPants

She's entirely too cranky today, my little devil-pup is.

I know she's teething. And I feel for her, I really do. But is it too much to ask to allow momma devil-dog a little bit of sleep? Something more than 1.5 hours consecutively?!

She used to do so great. Napping once or twice during the day, and sleeping great through the night.

Then we put her in her crib. In her own room. And moved to a new house only 5 days later. Ever since then, she's been off the charts with her crankiness, and lack of good sleeping. She still goes down relatively well, around 8pm.

But come 11pm, or so, she starts her waking routine. Every two hours she's up for a feeding. Occasionally in between them, she wakes again because she has lost her pacifier and cant seem to find it. I end up getting out of bed at least 5 or 6 times before she's up for the day at 630am.

Gone are the days of 8pm-8am sleeping, and hour long naps.

Welcome to teething, I suppose!


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