05 January 2015

The 1st Weekend Recap of 2015

It's January.

And its 2015.

Kind of hard to believe, really. I remember being a kid and time just seemed to drag on. The older I got, the quicker time passed, and now?! Well ... now it flies by, and you wind up looking back and wondering where it all went.

The first weekend of the year has come and gone -- and we are  finally getting back into our normal routine, today. Some people love the holiday breaks. All the free time to do what you'd like, sleep in, travel. Well ... when my kids don't sleep past 6am, and they get real stir-crazy with little to go and do, I find myself BEGGING for early school mornings and late church nights!

We did manage to get out and about some this weekend, however. I had a meeting with a few other leaders in our MOPS group Saturday morning. It never fails -- if we plan to go somewhere "un-fun", the kids whine and complain they are bored. If we do go somewhere with an indoor play area, like we did this time, they refuse to play! Kids! Either way, it got us out of the house for a bit.

Sunday brought church -- my first time serving in the nursery, and L's last day in his 2-year-old room. I'm going to miss him being in there. A lot of the volunteers/teachers knew his behaviors, knew that he is relatively quiet and reserved, but if he cries a bit, to pop on a veggie tales movie and he'll calm right down. They all know that he has a thing with holding something -- a spoon, a block, a mini action figure. Something. Now we have to teach a new group! Luckily, we have a great group of volunteers at church,

And of course, the highlight of the weekend -- L turned 3! Because M was working all weekend, we are holding off his "friends and family" party until this weekend, but we still celebrated him all day Sunday. I took the kids out to lunch at Cracker Barrel after church, L's choice. We watched all of L's favorite movies. Ate L's favorite foods for dinner. And had his cake and presents once M got home from work. He wasn't too sure what to think about his bike at first -- but before the night was done, he didn't want to get off, and wanted us to push him all around the living room. Now its time to teach him to pedal.

So far, 2015 is off to a good start -- what about you?! Did you start the year off with a bang?


  1. I am sure the party will turn out amazing! :)

  2. Awww! It sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! Cracker Barrel was my birthday choice the year before last also. (:
    Adri got a bike for Christmas and she was having a blast being pushed around on it yesterday too. We also need to work on the pedaling.