12 December 2014

Kiddo Cutes

December is already turning out to be quite a busy month for us around here. Between Christmas events, doctors check ups, school and church and dance, and playdates with friends, there's barely a day that goes by that we aren't on the go, somewhere. And the kids have been enjoying it. A lot. They get plenty of time to play and see and do ... and it helps them actually enjoy the down time at home when we do get a chance to just stay in. Finally ... we have an active social life! HA! And of course, mixed in with all the fun, are the funny things these kids randomly say:


at 4am:
l: get in my bed, mommy.
mom: no. just go to sleep.
l: you look tired. get in my bed! go to sleep.

while writing letters to santa:
mom: okay, s. tell me what you'd like to write.
s: dear santa, my name is s.
mom: umhmm.
s: i've been good -- just don't ask my brother, k?
mom: s...
s: because he isn't always ... maybe he needs a boring toy ...
mom: that's not nice ...

at bedtime:
mom: lets snuggle, l.
l: lets talk.
mom: okay. what should we talk about?
l: lets talk about ... poopy things!

at dinnertime:
s: i miss baby jesus ...
mom: you do?
s: yea. i want him to come back. don't you, mom?

in the car:
mom: l? did you take your shoes off again?
l: ..... yes?!
mom: why?
l: *giggles*
l: sissy ... smell my feet! *giggles*
s: no way. you smell your feet.
l: {smells own feet} ew. thats nasty.


How about you and yours?! Are they ready for the holidays?! 


  1. Haha the first one is priceless.

  2. I always say I'm gonna write down all the ridiculous things that come out of my kid's mouths, but always end up forgetting These are so funny! I love when people do these posts!!

  3. I think baby Jesus is my favorite! These kids. They're so smart and so funny!