29 December 2014

Catching Up

Its been quiet around here -- sorry about that! But we've been busy living life!

Christmas last week was very nice -- relaxed and full of family. The kids were up early, as always and loved unwrapping what was under the tree. Then we headed to see one side of the family for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. From there, we went straight to another family gathering, for gifts, good conversation and a delicious lunch with some of the best collards and fried corn bread you'll ever find!

We spent most of our weekend lounging around in pajamas, and breaking in all the new things we received. Toys, puzzles and board games, galore. Some new coloring books and crayons. We've watched a new movie or two, snuggled some new friends {a Mooshka doll, a Lalaloopsy, etc.} and started finding a place for all the new fun. We did drive to M's grandfather's to visit with him for a bit, see his vintage-y tree {which I LOVE -- the decorations ... ::sigh::}. and enjoy a nice lunch together.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the night Saturday, S came into our room complaining that she wasn't feeling well, and before I could ask if she was just hungry or if she thought she was going to be sick, I was literally catching it, bedside, and rushing her to the bathroom. Safe to say, we spent the rest of the night cleaning up messes, tending laundry, and trying to rest as much as possible. Which means Sunday was spent in pajamas, all day, with our fingers crossed that no one else was/is sick.

I lysoled everything. Did more loads of laundry in one day that I think I have in all my married years. We cooked the bare minimum, and ran to the store to stock up on "sick" supplies - chicken noodle soup, coca cola, and gatorade, as well as bread for plain toast. So far, {knock on wood} so good.

It seems pretty fitting, really: January 2nd of this year, S was getting sick because she swallowed a quarter and stuck her hand down her throat trying to get it back out ... and now we are ending the year with her getting sick, as well. Poor girl!

And you?! How was your last weekend of 2014 spent!?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas! I cannot believe 2015 begins this week, it's insane.