19 September 2014

Into The Woods We Go


Can I tell you something?

I think the last time I packed a bag and headed out into the woods to "camp out" was back in high school. My parents have a pop-up camper, with a queen sized bed and a mini fridge. We were living good, let me tell you. Packing for me was easy -- my Mom did it all, except my personal belongings. Clothes, bathroom necessities. A book to read. I just got in the truck when it was time to pull out of the drive way. I didn't realize just how easy I had it back then.

This morning, we are getting ready to head to the beach and camp for the weekend.

A tent. Cots. A cooler full of ice. And the million and one things that the kids think they need in order to survive. S even asked me once over the last couple days if I was going to pack the tv, so she could watch her morning cartoons! What a dreamer! Luckily, she loves to be outside, and they both love the beach, so we should have no problems entertaining them. But just in case, I made sure to pack some bubbles, a few kites, sand toys, and their GI Joes to play with. As well as their children's bible for story time.

The stress, though! Oh the stress of pulling everything together. Packing half the house to bring with us. And we haven't even hit the road yet -- we still have to drive a couple hours, check-in, and then set up the campsite. Oh yea -- and we have to stop at the grocery store on the way to pick up the rest of the food that we decided would be easiest to buy at the very last second!

That's us: always the procrastinators.

I'll be happy when we're on the road; the wheels are rolling and we have left our town behind. Peace out, town -- we'll see you in a few days!


  1. Have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it! And how funny that S wanted to bring the TV! Gotta love kids!

  2. I LOVE camping and I haven't been in about a year now. I don't even like to count that trip last year anyway since I was super sick the whole time and didn't enjoy a single minute of it. Can't wait to try again! Hope you had a great time!