29 July 2014

Color Me Crazy

It's no secret that L is our "artist". He's always running after crayons and paper. Colored pencils. Stamps and ink pads. He loves play doh {but what kid doesn't, right?!} and water color paints. Anything he can use to color, draw or make something his own, he is all about it. It's been like that as long as I can remember.

Which is why it came as no surprise that he would be the one child in our house to constantly, no matter how many warnings and time outs, color on the walls. It started with crayons and colored pencils. And when he figured out he was going to lose them all he suddenly stopped.

Until recently.

And now, he's coloring. On everything. Thankfully -- it's not with crayons. The "medium" is much easier to clean! This time, he's taken to colored chalk on everything. The chalkboard ... the book shelf. The outdoor furniture and swing set. The concrete porch. Even the front door. Anywhere that the chalk will show up, he leaves his mark.

Thankfully, it cleans off the inside furniture easy enough with a wet rag, or a baby wipe. And outside!? Well, our house is just well decorated these days, until a rain storm comes along and washes it all away. Oh, the color in his world!


  1. Oh boy! He loves his coloring. :)

  2. Adri is the same with chalk!!!! It's happened like twice with a crayon, but usually with chalk. Luckily it is easy to clean off though. These kids....