23 June 2014

The Weekend That Seemed Like It Would Never End

Wow -- that weekend was really only two/three days long? It feels like it lasted a lifetime -- but I guess thats mostly because M worked the first Sunday he's had to work since April. Not only that, but we spent the weekend guessing, and second-guessing, what S's magical medical issue is/was. After she went to bed Friday night not wanting to eat and not having a lot of energy, she didn't sleep well at all, and woke up Friday morning lethargic, cranky, and running a fever. I chalked it up {at that point} to some viral bug and pushed fluids, tylenol and motrin, and turned on the cartoons. We stayed home all day, inside all day, and tried to let her recover. She nibbled at her lunch after not having anything for breakfast, and by day's end, she managed to eat a decent dinner. I had high hopes for Saturday!

Saturday morning, L woke up before the sun. His sister decided to sleep in until 830am, so I was able to suck up a lot of alone time with him that rarely happens these days. We laughed and played and watched Mickey Mouse -- and I just enjoyed my boy! Once S woke up, she wasn't warm at all -- HOORAY, we kicked the bug, I thought! I made her some breakfast, and we planned to head to town to a kids' event. She nibbled at breakfast and said her mouth was just sore, so I let it slide. The kids had fun at the {scorching hot} event, and then I treated them to lunch out. Which is when I went from thinking S had a bug to something else. She cried. She cried that the yogurt hurt her mouth. That the french fries hurt her mouth ... and oh gosh, she did NOT want to try to chew a chicken nugget because she KNEW that would hurt, too.

I went from thinking virus to "Maybe this girl is getting some molars" -- that would explain that not wanting to eat, AND the fever. So we went about the rest of the day acting like that was the issue, and I made sure we had softer things for dinner she could eat. Sunday morning she woke up -- and was just as cranky as ever. We spent most of the day eating soft foods and trying to figure out how to NOT chew on back teeth, only to find that that could be the problem, but even if it was, it wasn't the only thing. Turns out, poor girl has three small ulcers on her gums. Its not the first time she's had them ... but as young as she is, she just has NOT figured out how to deal with them and eat, hence why she has no appetite and no energy.

At least now we know what the issue {most likely} is ... and can go about our day treating it. And thankfully, its Monday, M is home today and we can all enjoy each other. That weekend? It was exhausting!


  1. Sounds like a pretty packed weekend though! I hope you get some rest today!

  2. Yes! This weekend seemed so long, it was crazy.