12 June 2014

Kiddo Cutes

Lately, we've been thinking more and more about putting S into a preschool in the fall. Granted, she knows a lot of the information-type stuff they teach: shapes, colors, numbers, most of her letters. She's a smarty pants ... but we worry about her socially sometimes. She loves to play with friends, but is a major softy, so her Daddy worries that she'll just let everyone walk all over her. But as parents, sometimes we have to set our worries aside and do what's best for our kids. So we're late to the game, but looking into preschools in our area -- and finding out just how expensive they really are!

Wherever we decide to send her, I can only imagine what her teachers will hear from her on a regular basis. I mean, the things she says at home? C'mon, this girl is silly!

S: "Can we go to the street to ride bikes?"
Mom: "I guess we can ... if you can keep your cool. No screaming or throwing fits."
S: "Look ... I'm doing this for you. You need the exercise ... so I'm taking you up to the road to get it. Got it?"

{Driving past the cemetary}
S to L: "That statue, L ... thats where they put the bodies ..."

S: "Oooooh, I remember the day I was born ..."

S: "That's what I'm gonna do some day ... be a garbage girl."
Mom: "Oh yea? Well ... if that's what you want to do. Just be the best at it you can be."
S: "Oh yea ... I'll be the best garbage picker-upper ever!!"

So whatever we decide, we know this girl will definitely be entertaining someone come Fall with her silly demeanor and laugh-out-loud antics. And the best part will be looking forward to her getting home each day, and sharing even more silly stories with us about her morning at school! I can't wait!


  1. OMG I am cracking up. "Look, I'm doing this for you"! Ha! Kids!