01 May 2014

They Love That Dirty Water

It was just one of those days. Its been raining for the past couple days, really limiting our play time outside. The kids moods have been suffering because of it, and therefore, my sanity has, as well. Both kids woke up early, were cranky and moody, clingy and whiny all morning. We ate, showered and bathed and ran our quick errand all before 9am. Got the house cleaned by 11am. Had some lunch and were ready for naps -- just as the next round of thunderclaps rolled in. L slept through the storm just fine: things like that don't seem to really bother him, as much. His sister?! She camped out on the couch, next to Mama. Which would have been fine ... but this girl? She knows no volume control. No matter what she's doing, its loud and rambunctious lately. She was coloring ... and it was loud. She started singing, and it got louder. I just wanted a little peace and quiet ... and I didn't find it. So by the afternoon, I was a mess of foul mood and short temper.

Thankfully, the clouds parted after dinner, the sun shone through, even if only for a few moments, and I threw the kids rain boots on and told them to find all the puddles they could. After five seconds with boots on, they tossed them to the side and proceeded to get covered in mud, clear up to their waists. It clearly revived their spirit -- because within just moments, the giggles of pure joy and happiness could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

I'd love to say they both slept great, thanks to that fresh air and energy release. I would be lying. Neither of them sleep good, barely ever. But at least for that little bit of evening time, things were less cranky, less stressful, and a little more light.

Thank you, mud puddles, for delighting my little ones.


  1. I'm a clean freak, and thought of my daughter playing in the mud freaks me out. But today...I let her...as long as she let me hose her off before coming inside. She had so much fun!

  2. Mud puddles are the best!