23 May 2014

Currently ...

Currently, we are ...

Asking "What For?" and "Where do people go when they die?" -- obviously, both by different kids. L is still big on his "What For?" kick, which can be cute and funny ... or downright annoying at times. Kids, right? And S is still on her death and dying kick. Every time we drive past a cemetery, there is bound to be a comment, a question and at times, a rather long discussion. I picked up a book called "What is Heaven?" at the library recently ... hopefully that will answer her barrage of questions.

Cleaning all the big things. I just randomly grabbed a rag the other day and started scrubbing down our kitchen cupboards. In their defense, they really needed it! I mean, clearly, whomever chose white cupboards for anywhere in their home did NOT have young kids {at the time}. Finger prints, food smears, other questionable markings ... and I cannot stand it. Of course, since I started the kitchen, I've now noticed the marks on every other surface in the house -- bathroom fixtures, big appliances, the living-room tv stand {which finally got dusted for once!!}. It may not feel like spring in NC anymore ... but there's always cleaning to be done!

Finding lots of random things around the house in said cleaning expeditions. Bottles of hair product we thought were long lost {and thankfully, too! Because at $17 a bottle, I am not about to keep buying one after the other for a 4 year old just because its been misplaced!} Lots of misplaced silverware, metal AND plastic. Keys to vehicles we haven't owned since having kids! But of course ... the one thing that we've misplaced and would LOVE to find ... we can't.

Loving this turn in the weather! Maybe its the 6 years I've been here ... or some sudden upswing in my mood, not sure what to credit it to. But yesterday, it was a high of 89 ... and felt almost 100. The humidity wasn't too alarming ... and I actually enjoyed being outside! I finished reading a book. The kids played in the sand and their pool and with their jeep ... while I sat watching, and reading, and daydreaming. Summer is here ... and this year, we're all embracing it!

Needing ice cream ... in the worst way, ever! Lately, all I can think about is Sweet Frog, and I know I'm not the only one. Every time we head towards town, S asks me if today is the day. Can we get some ice cream at "the frog" again today. Now. So maybe this weekend, given that its a holiday and all, we'll treat them. {And Mom, too, of course!}

Questioning potty training! L is at that "magical" age where most kids around him seem to be at least attempting it, or are already trained. And yet, he could care less. He was doing good about letting us sit him on the toilet there for awhile ... but that's even backtracked. The most I could get out of him recently was letting him stand up and pee like a big boy in the bathtub as I was draining out the water. He thought THAT was hysterical. Maybe thats the key with this one -- let him pee in the crudest, strangest places, and once he thinks that's totally AWESOME ... switch it up and house break him! Ha!

Planning our next weekend at the beach. It's coming sooner than later -- and we can't wait to get our toes in the sand, our faces in that beachy air. And it will be nice to see our friends while we are there, as well.

Wanting some fresh, local strawberries. We were supposed to go and pick some early last week ... but the farm wasn't quite ready for the mass influx of kids that they had scheduled. Between a local preschool and our MOPS group, combined with the weather lately, the berries weren't mass producing yet, and picking became sort of null and void. There are a few other places around town that we've seen "U Pick" signs at, though ... so I'm really hoping to get to one in the next week or so.

Watching lots of movies. And of course, number 1 on our queue in this house, like every other child-filled house in America, is Frozen. I was starting to think that we wouldn't be in that roster ... but my kids surprised me. Granted, they never sit down and watch the ENTIRE movie from start to finish, but every time I put it in, they want it started from the beginning. And unlike a lot of the adults I've talked to about the movie, my kids could care less about the comedic genius of Olaf the Snowman ... they much prefer the music at the beginning. Even my 2 year old walks around the house singing "Let it Gooooo .... Let it GOOOOOO!" all day long!


  1. I love Sweet Frog!! We used to go there all the time when we lived in NC.

  2. No worries on the potty training. We're in the same boat. For a little while, Adri was interested, but now, she couldn't care less. V was 3.5, so I'm taking my time.

  3. I love the photo...the fact that I am married to an artilleryman MIGHT have something to do with it...

  4. I've been working on pre-PCS purging, and I found a purse that I haven't used since we've been out here. In it I found stamps, keys to who knows what, and a Jo-Anns gift card. I have no clue how much is on the gift card, but I'm excited to find out!

  5. I love finding hidden treasures that the kids made disappear. It's like a little treasure hunt!

  6. Can you come over and help me find stuff? I am missing about a dozen spoons. Where do they all go??? Oh and a check I wrote is still MIA.