28 May 2014

2014 Goals: May Update

Summer is HERE! Memorial Day traditionally kicks off the start of the warmest part of the year, but also one of the best and busiest times of the year, with people traveling, going on vacation, getting out and enjoying all that nature has to offer, and we are no exception. We're already looking forward to what this summer has planned for us -- the things already marked on the calendar, and the ones that are sure to surprise us as they pop up at last minute. But its still crazy to think that another month has come and gone ... and we are now almost half way through 2014. Clearly, time didn't fly by nearly as fast when we were kids ... or did it, and we were just too busy with our toys and our friends to notice, or care?!

May was great for us! We had a lot planned, and there wasn't a weekend on the books without something penciled in. With working at a MOPS yard sale event, visiting with family, getting away to the beach, celebrating Mother's Day, and sending M away to a Nascar race in Charlotte, we were busy, busy, busy! But it gave us plenty to look forward to each week as we sat outside, soaking up the sun and the ever-increasing temperatures that came our way.

But, as with any other month, there were a few hiccups along the way -- it can't always be smooth sailing, can it?

Lets see how May stacked up, according to our 2014 goals:

Clearly, May was one of our best months yet, which is hard to actually say, because its really been a good year for us so far. But the pattern seems to stand, with each month that passes, things seem to keep looking up. We've started to really focus on some changes that will affect us now, but most importantly, will help us down the road, as well. Things like down-sizing, budgeting, and putting family needs first. Every day that passes brings us closer together, and makes life all the better.

As with April, I spent much of May doing things to focus on myself. I finally picked up a book that I had a hard time putting down. And followed that up with yet another book. And now, I have a stack of books from the library on the counter waiting for me to turn the pages! This age with the kids is great -- they love playing outside a lot right now, but don't necessarily want Mom breathing down their neck. So I can sit back and read while they run around and get their energy out. It's a win-win for everyone. On top of the reading, I've been painting my nails, as well as S's, which she really loves. Each time we break out the basket of polish she spends a good five minutes hemming and hawing over which color will look best on her at the moment! And let me tell you, the beach? Oh the beach was good for my soul! But I think sea salt and ocean water can solve a multitude of problems for just about anybody! It's hard to be in a bad mood when you are surrounded by the sea!

That good mood seemed to rub off on the kids, and helped me spend more time focusing on the ones that I love the most! We walked through old forts while we were at the beach. Splashed in the ocean. Snuggled up to new stories about Max and Ruby, and Biscuit the Dog. We returned our bags full of books to the library, and brought home another bundle. Those kids love to read -- and who am I to deny them? We spent a lot of time outside under the sprinkler, running, giggling and getting wet. The kids even tried to turn the hose on me -- those little rascals have figured out how to turn it on, aim the nozzle, and change the pressure to get just the right amount of water to soak Mom! And boy, do they think they are hilarious!

We also seemed to keep up, for the most part, with our plans for focusing on the little things. The cleaning has been going better, although with those kids running through the house half wet with grass covered feet, its not as easy anymore! I'm constantly vacuuming and picking things up to put back in rooms where it belongs. But I figure its going to be this way AT LEAST until they are teenagers and I can dole out tasks for them to do themselves. {With the hopes that they'll actually listen!} We cooked almost all of our meals, lunches included, at home, which has been good for our budget, and did a lot less running around and driving to and from town. We spent most of our time in our backyard, and evenings cooling off under the ceiling fan. But like anything else, of course we could always focus just a little bit more!

Overall, May was great. I keep looking back to that weekend at the beach, and the smiles on those kids faces, and can't help but smile myself. The memories we are making are sure to last -- how could they not? It was sunny, we were happy, and there wasn't a face without a smile! While we may be sad to see May go, we are looking forward to turning the page on that calendar, and seeing just what June, and the rest of the summer, have in store for us. With a positive attitude, there will be a positive outcome!