28 April 2014

Sunshine, Library Books and Worship with Friends: Our Weekend In Review

We couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend, really. Granted, it would have been nice to have M home with us, enjoying it as well, but people gotta work! Criminals don't take a holiday! I'm really starting to enjoy our "normal" routine that we've settled into on those weekends when he is at work. And go figure -- I get really comfortable and enjoy the schedule, and now its potentially going to change. M reports to a new correctional facility soon, and there is possibility of it changing his schedule. We just have to wait and see. For now, I'll enjoy these three-days and the fun that they bring.

Friday, the weather was touch and go. So every chance that I looked outside and saw it wasn't raining yet, we were out there. The kids woke up really early, for them, and neither of them were in good moods, so I needed them to have that outlet to just run, scream and play without worrying about it driving me AS insane as it would if we were cramped up indoors. By naptime, it was raining and hailing -- nickle and quarter sized hail dotted our lawn. So once the kiddos woke up, we turned the afternoon into a movie "date" and I popped in frozen, while continuing to watch the weather. We were under tornado watch for most of the afternoon and evening, but luckily, got a good sunny break in there after dinner, and I let the kids run wild outside for another little while with their rain boots on.

Saturday the sun was back. And we were ready to enjoy it, but first, a few of our most looked forward to errands of the week. We stopped by Target for a couple things, and then headed on to the library. The kids were a little wild, but thankfully L figured out how to close the door to the kids room, so I wasn't as  concerned about their volumes. Thankfully, there weren't too many other people there. And we brought home a big haul of books -- two for me and almost 30 for the kids. That should last us a little bit! The kids did great at the grocery store afterwards, earning them a treat. So I picked up happy meals on the ride home which they ate -- and the minute our wheels hit the driveway they were begging for the sunshine. Fine by me! They played until I said they couldn't play anymore. And we played again after naps, and after dinner, too. We stayed outside until mere minutes before bedtime, came in, got pajamas on and went right to bed.

Sunday was church -- and another sunny day. The kids were looking forward to being back at their normal time and seeing their church friends. I think they were so excited they couldn't sleep, because by 7am, both were awake and we had more than enough time for breakfast and baths before we had to leave. Normally, we are scrambling, and yet today, we had time for cartoons and a little laundry, too. The rest of the day, again, was spent outdoors. The kids are absolutely loving bouncing back and forth between the swing set and their sand table right now! Unfortunately, L has been enjoying the sunshine a little too much, and it looks like he has a little heat rash ... but nothing a little cool bath and cornstarch can't help. At least he doesn't seem uncomfortable!

Overall, we had a great weekend full of fresh air and plenty of sunshine. How was yours?! Did you get outside to enjoy the spring air?!


  1. The first picture cracks me up!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Being outside is great! And so is having extra spoons to eat your yogurt with in case you drop the one you're using! ;-)