06 February 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

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-- I don't know how my children are functioning on such little sleep. They have been awake until almost 10pm every night this week {S was up until midnight in her bed last night} and wake up by 6am. And neither of them are sleeping through the night, either. Sure, L still takes a nap every day ... but S doesn't. Their moods are suffering because of it. And I feel like I belong in a looney bin! I don't know what to do!

-- Call me crazy, but I've become almost addicted to a couple of the "reality" shows on MTV lately. Real World: Explosion and Are You The One? are regulars on my DVR this season. Which is strange, because I haven't watched that type of tv in a LONG time ... but I just can't pull myself away.

-- All I want to do lately is eat candy bars and drink a bunch of soda. {Maybe its a coping mechanism from all that lack of sleep and quiet lately?}  I've been doing everything in my power to resist temptation ... but must admit, I've given in a few times. Of course, M thinks he's being the great husband and buying 4 candy bars when I, in a weak moment, as for 1. Guess how many of those he ate ... and how many I ate?! Its not equal ... that's for sure.

-- L has always been our "kitchen/cooking" fan. And lately it's no different. Just last night while I was making dinner, he was filling one of my cooking pots with plastic food. Then he sat on it and told me he was cooking his butt. For dinner.

-- I am anxiously awaiting my 21 Day Fix plan to come in the mail. I honestly can't wait to get started with the DVDs and hope I have an easier time with the food, as well. Once I get in the habit, I should be okay ... but just coming from the candybars above, the first week or so might be painful!

-- We have a birthday party to go to this weekend and L can't wait. He's never been to Chuck E Cheese ... but apparently, kids are schooled on it in utero. Because he keeps asking if its time to go to "Chuck Chee" and gets this defeated look on his face when I say we have to wait a few more days. S is excited, too ... but mostly to see her friend {the birthday girl} and eat some cake. Although we all know by cake, she really just means frosting!

-- We're all feeling a little defeated with some friends of ours, lately. We had a playdate that got cancelled, and no attempt has been made to reschedule ... No returned texts, nothing. Just when we thought things were getting off on a better foot.

-- I love when these two play together -- and its not even forced! They really are just the best of friends. They might fight like crazy, too ... but those moments of playing together? So sweet!

Whats on your mind this morning, friends?!


  1. My daughter is obsessed with Chuck E Cheese too. She has been twice in her life but she probably asks to go at least once a week.

  2. I hope the party is a blast this weekend my niece and nephew love Chuck E Cheese!

  3. Looks like a delicious meal they are cooking!

    And seriously, how do they know about Chuck E Cheese? They do though!