13 January 2014

Wish It Was Still Sunday

Monday ... Monday ... Monday ...

Oh, how you snuck up on us this week. It's not as if we didn't see you coming, I guess we just were trying to delay the inevitable. After a nice three-day weekend with M at home, he's back to work and working a longer week this week. 5 12-hour shifts. But this is what we signed on for when we went back to prison work. Nothing glamorous, that's for sure.

At least we were able to enjoy some down time together while he was home.

Friday, we spent the morning visiting with friends. They had their new baby girl on Monday, so we enjoyed oohing and aahing over how little she is, and how much she sleeps right now. Their son is 17 months old -- so we let our two give them a sneak peak of what they have in store a year or so down the road. And just how much they should enjoy the quiet now ... before it disappears FOREVER! Ha.

We also went and got M and I our flu shots -- and it was hilarious. S was so concerned about us, and both she and her brother stood silent, mesmerized by the moment, while they watched me get stuck. If thats what it takes to get them to settle down for two minutes, I'll gladly go back and get stuck over and over! {Especially if its the same pharmacist -- I didn't feel A THING ... and had no soreness in the days following, unlike usual! Bonus!!}

Saturday, shortly after the kids went down for naps, the rain settled in. And turned into quite a storm. Before we knew it, the alarms on our phones were going on, telling us to take cover -- and that a tornado had been spotted in our area. I grabbed the kids and put them in the bathtub with me, while M kept a look out. Thankfully, everything passed over pretty quickly, with minimal damage. We lost a few window screens -- and the outdoor furniture was tossed around pretty good, but nothing major. And nothing that can't be taken care of in the coming days.

Of course, because their naps got so rudely interrupted, the kids were not really keen on getting anymore sleep. So I found a good-sized box laying around, and some markers -- and let them go to town. They spent awhile coloring it, and eventually crawling in it.

Sunday was church. Lots of playtime. And then a date night out for M and I. We had a giftcard to Outback, and decided now was as good a time as any. And better to use it for a date than to take the kids -- their service tends to be slow, which L has a fit about. And they never really eat as well there, for some reason. So we enjoyed some sangria {some of the best I've had in a long time!!} and a blooming onion, and a whole lot of uninterrupted conversation.

S kept asking us why we had to go out without them . When I told her that sometimes, Mommies and Daddies like to have grown up time, and talk about grown up things, she told me "Life's just not fair ... " Oh, how right you are, my girl ... how right you are! She also later told me she didn't care that we were gone ... because she didn't like that restaurant anyways. To which I laughed, and told her "Exactly why we didn't take you!"

Sometimes, you just gotta keep it real!

How was your weekend, everyone? Did it fly by as quickly as ours did? 


  1. MMMMMMMM..... a blooming onion. It's been a decade or two since I've had one of those!!!!! :)

  2. The soreness from the flu shot is always worse than the shot itself.