02 December 2013

It's December Already?!

Happy Monday! 

Wow -- what a long "4-day" weekend we had around here. Thanks to a Wounded Warrior Sponsored hunting trip last weekend, and a cough early last week, M was home for a week and a half before returning to work this morning. So say things got shaken up around here is an understatement. 

We are slowly getting back into our normal routine. And slowly, the mess that seems to accumulate when everyone is hanging out at home is getting taken care of, and cleaned up. 

Is it just our house?! Or anyone else too -- when everyone is off work, kids are all home, etc, less cleaning seems to happen, and more clutter finds itself visible to EVERYONE. 

I, for one, cannot stand it! 


Thursday we chose to live in the moment, and avoid forms of social media -- so sadly, there are no pictures. The turkey did happen, the cousins all played, and everyone had a nice time. The kids didn't want to leave when it was time to go! Only a few more weeks until we are all back visiting again for Christmas! 

There was no black Friday shopping going on around here -- we've done it maybe once, and never really seen the appeal. I can get a lot of what I need/want on Amazon, or on other sales online, which is really helpful, because I don't always have someone to watch the kids while I go shopping. 

We did take the kids out to breakfast, for a treat. Got some delicious raspberry white chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP and enjoyed our time together. Afterward, we came home and set up the tree. Within a matter of minutes I was reminded as to why last year, I chose to do it while the kids were asleep. But what are you going to do, right?! 

They helped decorate -- and other than having to help avoid hanging 10 ornaments on the same branch, things went pretty well. L was a little excited to be able to help, and wound up putting lots of other things on the tree when we weren't looking. Like tissue paper a few ornaments were wrapped in. And a couple toys. 

Just yesterday morning I found some play food stuffed on a branch, as well. Boys! 

We spent the rest of the day playing with friends and enjoying their company! 


Saturday was pretty "typical" around here. After cleaning up a little around the house, we headed to town to pick up some dry cleaning, and a few grocery items. While in Walmart, S saw a Santa, but wouldn't take her picture with him. Later she told me he was "a different Santa ... not the same as the other one from our picture. I could tell ... it was his beard." Seriously ... this kid is too observant for her own good! 


Sunday was another good morning at church. They had some fun before worship began -- and the band decided to play some Christmas music using instrument apps on their iPads only! Kind of ironic, since our message is about Christmas: Unplugged ... but fun, nonetheless. 

My father in law took us out to dinner last night, and we were home in time to enjoy some new Christmas Disney Channel shows that were on. The kids were excited about that! 


Overall, we had a great holiday, and a pretty great weekend. Today, we are getting back into our routine, and looking ahead to a busy couple of weeks. Really, a busy month. For all of us. Doctors appointments, family coming into town, holiday events, all mixed in among our usual weekly goings-on. 

So ... how was your holiday?! Did you get to crack the wishbone on Thanksgiving? 
Did you find any great Black Friday deals - or choose to stay home, instead? 


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. What a wonderful idea to make sure electronics were put away so you could focus on family time. Your tree is beautiful and I am in love with the little one's leopard leggings. I want some for myself! We did go out on Back Friday just to Toys R Us to get a Playstation 3. We were only in there for about an hour and it wasn't crazy at all! It was a pleasant experience.

  2. Oh my goodness, those stockings are HUGE!!! How fun to see them full of presents on Christmas morning :) And yes, our house is always cluttered after long weekends. It's sometimes nice to have a break and sometimes it's just messy and leaves more work in the end.

  3. Oh my gosh - my house always winds up such a mess when everyone is home! Trenton had off from pre-k the whole week. Charlotte had off half of the week from her preschool. And Jarrod had a 4-day weekend. Not to mention his mom was here for 12 days. Eeek! My MIL left today, and I'm slowly trying to get my house back to normal!