05 December 2013

A Practical Mom's Holiday WishList

'Tis the season for all things holly, jolly, merry and bright, right?! 

Because everyone else is doing it, and "trending blog posts" is one band wagon I don't mind jumping on, I thought I'd share a little of my holiday wish list here today. 

Ever since I became a Mom, I noticed that the things on my Christmas lists seemed to become much more ... domestic? More for the house, and less for me, in a way. There are less bottles of perfume, or fancy things ... and more practical, though fun in their own way, items. 

1. Good Books: I'm always a sucker for a good story. And have finally been making time for myself -- time to kick back, relax, and dive into a good story. Kisses from Katie sounds like it would be right up my alley. So does this one

2. Zoku Chocolate Station: The kids and I both love our Zoku pop maker. Doesn't matter if its hot or cold outside, they are always begging me to whip up some of our favorite treats. Since its quick and easy, I don't ever say no! Who wouldn't be the coolest mom in town with this chocolate station to go along with it?You just dip the made popsicle in ... and tada! Chocolate dipped! Yum! 

3. Fifth And Mae Necklace: I love this line of jewelry/accessories. I don't wear a lot of jewelry on a regular basis, since the kids have a tendency to pull on it, rub greasy or chocolatey fingers all over me, etc. But this is something I could make an exception for. Especially one of their state necklaces -- preferably Maine. I may not live there anymore, but I'll always be a Maine-iac at heart! 

4. Planner Refill Pages: A few years ago, M bought me a nice leather planner. I used it for a bit, then stuffed it in a drawer and just about forgot about it. This year, I bought a cheap one at Walmart -- and found I needed somewhere to write things down ALL THE TIME. Since I'm in the habit of using a planner now, I'd love to get 2014's refill pages for my good leather planner! And it doesn't hurt that these pages look cute and bright! 

5. Laminator: Now that we are doing preschool work at home, I would love to get this laminator. Think about all the paper I could save!!! By laminating our worksheets, we could easily use dry-erase markers day after day, and later on for review. And a year or two down the road when I am starting to work with L on the same things, we'd already have them set and ready to go! 

6. One Line A Day Journal: I love the idea behind these journals -- writing a sentence each day, throughout the year, for five years. On each page, you can look and see exactly what you did that day last year, the year before, and so on. My thought? To get two -- one for each of the kids. Fill it with the funny things they've said and milestones -- and then when they get older, be able to give it to them to enjoy! 

7. Cordless Vacuum: I don't know about your kids, but mine seem to always make messes as soon as I finish vacuuming the entire house. And isn't it a pain to drag the whole thing out again just to clean up a spilled bowl of popcorn kernels? These cordless vacs are great: lightweight, and easy to handle! The kids could even learn how to clean their own messes! Wouldn't that be a dream?! 

See?! For the most part -- practical. 

Some might even say boring. But some days, my life can be just that -- boring. These few items are sure to help liven things up though. 

These are the items, more or less, on my {practical} wishlist this year. 

What's on yours?! 


  1. I have the one line a day book I started writing in for my 6-mo.-old. I just keep it by my bedside and write a short blurb each night. I hope to give it to my daughter one day. Also, haven't heard of the Zoku--looks cool!

  2. We have the laminator. I don't love it for my projects, since you have to use the plastic pockets, but it would be perfect for work sheets!