25 November 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend -- the weather here was pretty all over the place, once again. I can easily say I will be extremely happy when it makes up it's mind: have a mild winter, or have a cold winter ... but stop going back and forth! 

Friday around lunch, M took off for a Wounded Warrior sponsored hunting trip. We took some pictures that morning for our Christmas cards, enjoyed a nice lunch all together, and then the kids and I spent the afternoon playing and snuggling up watching a few cartoons in the evening. 

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early. I loaded the kids in the car, picked up my father in law, and we drove towards Raleigh. It was the big Holiday Parade ... and we loved it! We got there later than planned, so finding some seats were pretty difficult, but we finally settled in, ate our snacks and watched the two-hour parade! And the weather turned out decent ... so we couldn't complain. Afterwards, we battled traffic for a bit, drove to the next town, and treated the kids to Happy Meals for lunch. It was seriously the best-behaved I have seen them in a while! 

M got home late Saturday night after the kids were already long asleep. He didn't get any deer -- didn't even see any, actually. But still managed to bring home some meat. 7 guys on the trip, and only 1 guy saw or shot anything! But I'm looking forward to cooking a roast, or wrapping up some back strap with bacon and grilling it. Yum, deer! 

Sunday morning, we headed towards church and enjoyed the message: Grateful. We ran a few errands, enjoyed some lunch together and played before naps. In the afternoon, M and I decided to have his Dad come hang out with the kids while we tried to have a nice evening, just the two of us. Honestly, it didn't turn out like we had hoped -- but at least we got to see The Delivery Man, which was a pretty good movie. We always love Vince Vaughn. 

And here we are -- the week of Thanksgiving, and the kick-off to some busy few weeks ahead. Christmas tree lightings, family visits, visits to Santa, a few more parades, a couple birthday parties, and more. Our planner is filling up! But we couldn't be happier -- we have so many good times to look forward to this next month! 

How did you spend your weekend? 
Are you ready for the holiday season!? 


  1. The pictures are amazing! You guys are a beautiful family. :)