16 July 2013

Things I Never Thought I'd Say {Until I Had Kids}

It really is amazing how much your life changes when you have a child. The sleepless nights, the lack of energy, the much-enjoyed caffeine boosts. But also the tightest hugs, sweetest snuggles, and heart felt "I love You"s muttered from the mouths of babes.

They all make you stop and remember what life is truly about, as a parent.

And then there are the moments you didn't see coming. The things they do that completely baffle you. And the things you say that you never thought would come out of your mouth!

Things like:

"Please stop licking your brother ..."

"I don't care if your socks don't match. Just put them on ... please!"

"Just pee there on the grass. You have a bathing suit on ... don't worry."

"If I give you ketchup, will you eat your (fill in the blank)?"

"Come on ... climb out of the trunk and get into your seat ..."

I'm telling you, these kids! They keep doing things that keep me guessing, that's for sure. I never know whats going to happen from one day to the next. And it's always something -- there is never a calm, relaxed day with all of us around here.

At least they keep it interesting!