13 July 2013

Cheap Entertainment

We were cleaning out the back of our car, getting it ready to have it detailed, when my husband found a roll of bubble wrap. He had bought it from UPS awhile ago, when he was shipping out a gun to be repaired, and never brought the remains in the house.

There wasn't a whole lot left, so I decided the kids could have some fun with it.

I figured they would just sit down and pop all the little circles. Heck, even I get a small bit of satisfaction popping the holes, one by one. There's just something about bubble wrap.

What I didn't envision was the games they would play.

S rolled out the wrap, deemed it their "track" and started running across it as fast as she could, giggling all the way. And L was not too far behind her. They even rolled around on it!

The bubble wrap hung around our living room for a few days, bringing moments of laughter and enjoyment for quite awhile ... until it seemed all the bubbles had been popped.

I'm just glad these kids can be entertained by something as little as a roll of air-filled plastic!


  1. There is nothing more fun than bubble wrap! Love it.

  2. We love bubble wrap in our house! My kids are like yours - they can play with it for days!