27 June 2013

When a Case of the Mondays Falls on a Wednesday

They may look happy here, but they have yet to find out they are house-bound for the day! 

Typically, we follow a loose schedule around here.

Tuesdays are story-time/library day.
Wednesdays are for grocery shopping and CSA pick-up at the farm.
Fridays we go somewhere fun to play -- the park or indoor play place.

The kids know what days we do things, and they have a little something to look forward to.

So on one of those days, when my husband calls to say he "accidentally" grabbed both sets of keys for the vehicles [because really ... how does that happen?!], the day is already doomed.

I know I am going to have to field a million questions from S. Why aren't we going anywhere? How come we can't still go? Why does she just have to sit around the house and .... *gasp* play with her own toys?

It really doesn't help when those rare days happen after a night like we had the other night, either.

One kid wakes in the middle of the night soaked in pee. And it's not the usual suspect, either. Shortly after, the other kid wakes up wanting some snuggles, and then spends the rest of the morning talking to themselves.   The husband forgets to set his alarm earlier than normal, so he's late getting up and late leaving. And then calls with the key information.

And the whole day?! Goes to crap! Happy Wednesday Monday, re-lived!


  1. Boo for a case of the Mondays!

  2. Ahhhhh, days like that make me want to go back to bed!