29 June 2013

What a Week

The plan for this week was to do some fun stuff ... and squeeze in a few good workouts, as well.

Totally didn't happen.

Tuesday, S was sick with a virus. We were hoping that it wasn't going to spread, but of course, where there is one sick kid, chances are, you'll find another one.

And by Thursday afternoon, L was grumpy, warm, and not feeling good. We didn't realize it at the time, so we went to the gym anyways. About 15 minutes after we got home, he got sick. And was in bed for the night by 630pm ... by his own choosing. He practically begged me in his non-verbal way to climb in and sleep.

By Friday morning, I had a headache, but brushed it off.

My stomach was fine, so I just figured it was a headache. Unfortunately, by mid morning, my whole body ached, I had cold chills, and I just wanted to lay down. Of course, it was a day L still wasn't feeling 100%, especially after a horrible night of sleep.

All he wanted to do was be held, but wouldn't let me sit down to do it -- so I spent the whole morning holding a 30lb child, pacing the floor all over the house, while I, myself, also felt like crap.

Clearly, naptime couldn't come soon enough!

These kids are lucky they are so cute! Their kisses, when I got them, were the medicine I needed to help me feel a bit better. And hopefully by later today, I will have completely kicked this miserable virus!


  1. I hope everyone is feeling much better! Hugs!