24 June 2013

5 for Five

Good Morning! Another Monday found us ... no matter how hard we tried to hide from it!

Saturday was a wash! After a successful morning at the gym, the husband and I grabbed some salads and stopped at my father-in-law's store so the kids could visit and get some lunch there. By the time we got home, it was really clouding up, and by nap time, it was pouring. It kept up all day. So I spent my time curled up on the couch with my laptop, plugged into a new series on hulu that I quickly got hooked on ... and am now sad that there are no more episodes!

The rest of the weekend was equally low-key.


Last week's goals were: 

1. Decorate my cookbook bookshelf & the shelf over the island cart
2. Read 20 minutes a day
3. Get in 4 good cardio workouts
4. Mail out my June CaraBox
5. Call my parents on their anniversary and show them L's two newest words

4/5 -- a pretty solid week! I got some patriotic decorations up in the kitchen, which will help clutter from piling up on the bookshelf, I am sure. Got in 5 *great* workouts on the tread-climber at the gym, averaging 3 miles each time! And I am getting better about the reading! A few nights, it was nice after the kids went to bed, so I took the kindle outside, curled up for a bit in a lawn chair, and read awhile. If only we have some padded chaise lounge chairs! I'd be out there until bedtime!

Onto this week's goals: 
1. Mail out L&E Envelope
2. Add weight training/muscle building exercises at gym
3. Read 20 minutes a day [this will be on here until we actually do it!]
4. Go through the bags of clothes on my closet floor for donation
5. Enjoy a glass of wine with the husband -- its a shame I have to make this a goal. We have two great bottles in the fridge that we should be enjoying ... but haven't been for one reason or another lately. This week, we're going to fit that in one evening!

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!