31 May 2013

Books in Bed

Every night, when bedtime approaches, the kids and I each have our own little routines.

As I am putting L to bed with his story and quick snuggle, S gets to spend a little one on one time with her Daddy, usually curled up in his chair, watching a quick cartoon.

As soon as she sees that I am done, she gives M a kiss and hug, and comes running toward her room.

She picks out our story for that evening and we settle into the rocking chair. We take our time reading, looking at the pictures, me answering the million and one questions she has. Questions, of course, that would be answered if she would just let me finish reading the page before asking "Who is that? What are they doing?" but she is quite the curious one.

We rock for a few minutes when the story is done, enjoying our quiet conversations. Sometimes its about the fun things we did that day, a gentle reminder to be nicer to her brother and listen to Mom and Dad, or upcoming plans for the days ahead.

Whatever we talk about, its always quiet. Close. A conversation for our ears only.

Then I tuck her into bed, kiss her goodnight and leave the room, so she can read a few books on her own before closing her eyes. I love that she loves to read -- and can only hope she will continue to love it just as I do, as long as her eyes can see!


  1. What sweet moments you have with your kids. :)