22 May 2013

A Man of Few Words

I wish I had a silly little quote, or funny one-liner to put up here ... but the truth is, there isn't one.

You see, L?! Well ... he's apparently a man of few words. Or is choosing to hold it all in until the right moment, when he'll just let loose with all the things he's been wanting to say, stunning us all into silence.

Either that, or his older sister just does all the talking for him, way too much.

No matter how much we read to him, talk to him using regular voices and not the sugary sweet baby talk ... he just doesn't want to say a whole lot these days.

And that's okay.

Although M may worry at times, as his mom?! I don't.

L is incredibly active. Started crawling at 6 months before he was even sitting up on his own, and was walking at 9 months. Running by his birthday this past January. He eats great. Is sleeping great lately. Climbs on everything -- and won't let you tell him that he is only one, and cannot do the things his older sister can.

So do I worry about his tiny vocabulary?!

Not really. He's great at communicating his wants and needs ... and smart as a little devil. He completely understands the things I ask him. Including little "chores" I may have him do. Yes, at only 16 months!

He helps with the laundry. And unloading the dishwasher. He takes care of garbage when he sees it, and knows to close the lid on the garbage can when he is done. He gets into the fridge, finds his cup to get a drink, puts it right back where he found it, and closes the door when he is done. It only takes one firm "L, put that back where you found it!" and he is doing just that.

He just isn't ready yet for Mom to spread around the silly things he is spouting off.

And for now, that's okay by me. As long as I continue to get those sweet hugs and kisses he's been giving out so willingly these days!


  1. Trust your Momma heart. They all develop at their own rate.

  2. He is just taking his time...it's certainly ok. :)