09 April 2013

A Whole Foods Diet

Lately, I've been doing a lot of reading and research on starting our family on a modified Whole Foods diet. And its getting me rather excited!

image from buzzle.com

We already have a CSA share in the works for this spring/summer: 20 weeks of boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables, picked fresh from the farm. As we start getting the boxes, I'll be posting more about what we got and how we used it!

We are making the move towards some better choices. But taking it one step at a time. By doing it gradually, hopefully it will feel more like a lifestyle change, and a good habit, than a diet. And we'll be less likely to "fail".

Right now, we are going to be:

1. Switching over to whole grains.
2. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. Drink more water, and less soda/sweet teas.
4. No more processed foods.
5. Switching from using refined sugars to sweetening with honey, raw organic sugar and agave nectar.
5. Cooking all of our meals from scratch, and eat out less.
6. Eating more often -- at least incorporating a snack in both in the morning and afternoon to keep the metabolism going.

Now - I mentioned that ours will be a modified whole foods. Finding, and affording, GMO free or organic milk around here gets pretty expensive. Especially when we are going through AT LEAST 2 gallons a week.

And the same goes for organic meat. When we can get it for a decent price, then absolutely! But we will at least be moving toward making all of our meals from scratch -- nothing processed. Nothing canned. Limited to No GMO's.

I'll be getting a lot of recipes and information from both 100 Days of Real Food and The Gracious Pantry-- both of which have been wonderful sources for me on starting this journey.

Also of note: I do have young children -- and I am of the philosophy that children deserve the occasional cookie and treat. So I will still buy the occasional treat for my children. They will eat the same meals that we do, and we won't have a ton of things constantly in the house for them to binge on. But if my three year old has been beyond stellar while we are in an important appointment, then yes -- I will reward her with a cake pop from Starbucks.

I'm really excited about this push toward better eating for our entire family. I think its going to be really good for us -- from digestive issues, the kids occasional bouts with reflux, and our weight issues, as well. Eating the way nature intended for us to.

That can't be a bad thing!


  1. Eating whole foods is so good for your mind, body and spirit. It's a transition to be sure but so worth it!!

    Thank you for the comment!! I'm just getting to replying and following back!! Have a lovely week! Following you via Bloglovin!

    Jean {What Jean Likes}