15 March 2013

Friday Funnies

Whew -- it's been a busy week around here. I spent so much of my time during the first part of the week preparing everything for the big children's consignment sale that I consign at twice a year. And the other half of the week dropping things off, shopping for the kids, and running other errands. And of course, my children would choose a busy week for Mom to decide not to sleep. At all. I thought my cold was on it's way out ... but it seems with this lack of rest and relaxation going on, it's sticking around. That's not the kind of friend I want hanging out!

Onto this week's funnies!!


S.: Can I get thrown in the garbage?
Me: Ewwww. Gross. No, hunny! 
S.: Why not? 
Me: Because it's dirty!
S.: But that's what I *like* !! 

S: Mommy ... this hat looks like a 'Rine Corps hat. 
Me: Oh yea? 
S.: Yep. But my hair is sweaty. That's okay ... cause sometimes 'Rines do that, too! 

[I love this ... her father is raising her right, that's for sure!! If she doesn't become a Marine, its a good chance she'll marry one. Whether Daddy likes it or not!! Heck ... she was saying Ooh-rah at 18 months, when asked what a Marine says! It's in her blood!] 

S.: Mommy ... don't snuggle me. I'm sick. I don't want you to catch my sickers. 
Me: It's okay, hunny. Mommy just wants to hold you and cuddle.
S.: No. Daddy didn't want me to catch his sickers ... and I don't want you getting mine. No way. NO. Cuddles! 


This girl drives me batty. She's at that perfect age right now -- a combination of dramatics, temper tantrums, and the sweetest, silliest personality. Somedays are rough; you have to sit back and reflect on the few good moments. But other days, she makes it hard to remember that she's only human ... Gosh, she's so easy to love!


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