01 March 2013

Friday Funnies

It's Friday!! We've been dealing with a gross chest cold around our house for most of the week -- first the oldest child got it, and passed it on to mom. Now, husband seems to be coming down with it, as well.

And go figure, he's the biggest baby ... and also the worst patient. Lucky me!! I've stocked up on Mucinex, Theraflu and some Zicam. He can pick his poison and flush the yuck out of his system. And hopefully, all without getting too ridiculously whiney!

Now, onto our weekly Friday Funny!


The other day, as we were getting ready to head into town, I told the kids they needed to go brush their teeth. Their bathroom is a Jack and Jill, in between the playroom and S.'s bedroom. As we walked through the playroom to get there, I noticed how big of a disaster the room was. Toys everywhere. Everything that belonged on the bookshelves ... was on the floor. All the play food was no longer in it's neat bucket. The dress up was scattered everywhere. And in a feeble attempt to clean up a little bit, they had simply shoved a handful of smaller toys under my chair in the corner.

To say you couldn't see the carpet wasn't stretching the truth too far! Hence the conversation I had with S.

Me: Who made this mess?
S.: I did.
Me: And who's going to clean it up?
S.: Me.
Me: When?
S.: Ummm ... Tuesday. Or Friday, maybe.
Me: Well ... today is Tuesday.
S.: Then ... tomorrow. What's tomorrow?
Me.: Wednesday. Are you going to clean it up then?
S.: Probably not!

It was so in the moment ... she didn't miss a beat. I couldn't help but laugh. At least she was being honest -- I couldn't fault her for that. And sadly, she was right. Every time the kids went in the rest of the week, they played with what they could find on the floor, and just laid it right back down. And dealing with this chest yuck, I wasn't in the mood to lay down the law and oversee the cleaning. But by Thursday, I had had enough. And cleaned up most of it myself. There are still a few things on the floor -- but I can now remember that the carpet is blue.

Blue-green, to be exact. And ugly. Maybe that's why the kids don't want to clean their toys up. They just don't want to look at the eyesore that covers the floor.

What funny things have your little ones been saying this week? Feel free to share!


  1. You're right, at least she was honest LOL. My five year old still really has no concept of time yet. He knows the days of the week and which order they go in, but I'll ask him to do something and he'll give me some absurd answer. Never fails.

    1. S. pretends to know the days -- she knows the names of most, but clearly not the order. Every day she pulls out her day of the week panties and asks what each pair says. Then asks if the current day is the one in her hands. Nope! Oh well -- she'll wear the panties anyway! LOL

  2. That's so funny!!!! I love the way kids think and how honest they are!

    1. From the mouths of babes, right?!