18 March 2013

5 for Five

Another [weekend] bites the dust!

We had beautiful weather Saturday. So I made lemonade with those lemons, folks. I took the kids and bought them some kites -- ridiculously CUTE kites, I might add. And also some new sand for the Sand/Water table. While they were napping, I cleaned that sucker out with bleach water and then filled it up. What a good afternoon!

We had company over Saturday night for some wings and conversation. Always nice. The kind of conversation that leaves your belly hurting from laughing so much and so hard. It's good to have friends like that.

And of course, yesterday was St. Patty's Day. Did the luck of the Irish find you?! I had a project all planned out for S. and let the kids enjoy some Lucky Charms and green milk for a snack. Cool Mom Points!!! [I hope ?!!] Definitely won the husband over [like that's super hard anyways ... he loves me!]  and made corned beef and potatoes with fresh brussell sprouts. When he saw they were fresh, I thought he was going to slip in his own drool. It's the little things, folks. Key to keeping your marriage hot?!

Fresh baby cabbages. Write that one down.

Anyways ... anyways. Onto our weekly


Last week's goals:

1. Call the Cable CompanyAnd Tricare. Wha - Wha - Whaaaaaaaaaa! Once again. Big ole negative! In my defense, sort of, we found out the Dr. we wanted to switch to is not accepting patients right now, so the call to Tricare was a moot point. I have no excuse for not calling Directv. None at all. I just ... get so ... nervous for some reason when I have to make those kinds of phone calls. Like I'm calling about something really important and they are going to deny me. Unrealistic thoughts, folk - I know. All I want is to change my subscription, essentially. Remove one cable box from the house. But what if they deny me? What if they say I'm a crappy customer and I'm not living up their expectations? What if they tell me my cancelling a single box is going to utterly destroy the world?! I. CAN'T. HANDLE. THE. PRESSURE!!!!

2. Organize the top shelf in the pantry. Did it -- and now the entire pantry looks clean and as well organized as can be without going crazy. I know where everything is. I can see everything. And nothing is on the verge of falling off the shelves. The kids can no longer empty the open boxes of cereal onto the floor, or spill the little packets of water flavoring, licking them up like crack addicts. I know what I have, and can easily figure out what I need. About time!

3. Strip all the towels. Bingo!! Did this Friday. And really, it was super easy. The only thing I really had to remember was to change my washer settings to hot water. Since I normally wash everything in cold. But hot water with one cup of vinegar for the first wash. Then hot water and a cup of baking soda for the second wash. The towels smell like you picked them up off the store shelves. Granted, they don't smell like mountain fresh air, or the beaches of some paradise island. But that smell leads to nasty build up ... which eventually leads to funky smells when they are wet ... and just ... yuck. I think I'll make this a habit -- stripping the towels. At least every other month!

4. Menu plan for the week. I am easily in the habit of menu planning, so this wasn't super hard. But I made it a goal because there were certain meal things I wanted to remember to put on there. And I can't just trust my brain to remember things anymore. I'm lucky if I remember to use my married name, after five years, and not my maiden name. True story -- started signing my maiden name the other day on something. *shakes my head*  And I can happily say, all but the salmon got put on. And all but one of the meals was made within this week. M. decided Saturday night that he wanted to cook some chicken wings. Who am I to argue with a man who wants to do the cooking?

5. Get the kids outfitted for summer at the Consignment Sale. I was ridiculously successful. I spent less than $100 and got over 40 items of clothing. Now, I just need to hit up Osh Kosh and probably Target for a few last items: sandals for S. and some tshirts for L. Bare-chested boys are fine and dandy ... but his sister tries to emulate him a little too much lately. The last thing I want, or need, is for my three year old daughter to tell she is going anywhere without a shirt on. Otherwise ... they are just about set!

Wow -- a much better week this week than last! 4 out of 5 ... and half of the failed goal was a choice of ours because we couldn't do a whole lot about the situation. I'll take it!

Onto this week:

1. Call. The. Cable. Company. Seriously -- what is so hard about this?

2. Mail out my March Cara Box. Self explanatory. Ashley -- be on the lookout! ; ]

3. Clean up the laundry room. There are literally things just thrown in there. Some that belong. Some that don't. I can't stand it. I need to A.] take care of all the clean laundry that is sitting on the freezer. B.] put the dirty laundry on the floor into a hamper. C.] take care of the odds and ends on the shelf that don't belong in there. D.] Wash the utility sink out with bleach water. Its just ... gross. And we never use it, what are the odds?! E.] Plan out how I want to decorate ... at least a plan.

4. Check out Kimpo Park on base. Friday is our "go and play" day. A day to go somewhere other than home. An indoor play place. A nice park or playground. Something. And I've been to Debden many times ... but now that we know exactly how to get to Kimpo ... I want to pack the kids a nice snack and just go! Make a whole morning out of it.

5. Plan out rainy day activities. Its supposed to rain at least one day this week, projected. We don't have rain boots for both the kids right now ... so splashing in puddles is out of the question, sadly. But I need to come up with some different things to do to entertain them. Homemade bath paint or edible finger paint or .... something. Pinterest, don't fail me now!

What are your goals this week? And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. I so excited for you and your accomplishments last week! Way to go, girl! You better call that cable company this week ;) PS- Threw out a little shout out to you in my post today! Your comment on my {5 for Five} inspired me last week :) http://jkthomas87.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-new-approach.html

      You'll never guess what I just did -- I *actually* called the cable company. And within oh ... 5 minutes ... it was completely taken care of and disconnected! After only having it on my to do list for what? 3 or 4 weeks! Ha Ha You kicked my butt into gear, so thanks!

  2. Dang you go girl! You go so much done & love how organized the pantry is!