20 February 2013

My Memories Suite {Review}

Recently, I was contacted by My Memories to try out and review their online software. My Memories Suite is the perfect little tool for people who like to be crafty, but dont want to clutter up their home with piles of scrapbooking paper, tons of scissors and drawers full of embellishments.

The program is really simple to use. They offers some tutorials, which are easy to follow, or you even have the option of just selecting your photos and it auto-filling pages for you.

The scrapbook software download came with some really cute pre-themed albums you can make. And there are other "packets" of pages and embellishments you can purchase for an additional fee if you want. Granted, there aren't as many options as you would have if you were using actual paper, and picking it out at the store, but there are still some really adorable layouts.

The only thing I found a little ... sad ... was the variety offered. Maybe that's because, as I mentioned a little above, I'm used to going to the store and buying my paper -- and not doing "themed" albums. I can buy one sheet for this page, and something completely different and non-coordinating for the next page. This didn't really give me that option. Although you can purchase additional albums, you must purchase all the pages in said album, with all the embellishments. And not just a single page at a time.

Ive always loved scrapbooking, but with two little kids around, nothing is sacred anymore. They get into EVERYTHING. But this digital scrapbooking program is different: No Mess for my kids to destroy!

Note: I was given the opportunity to download and use this software in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are my own, and no compensation was received. 


  1. Beautiful digital scrapbook!! Thank you for commenting on my blog. i'm following you via GFC

    Jean {What Jean Likes}