22 February 2013

Friday Funnies

Wow ... its Friday already?! This week flew by! But at least it was better around here, emotionally, than last week was. And we had some nice weather, so the kids were able to spend some time outside, playing and running around. I'm ready for you to warm up a little bit though, North Carolina!

S.'s funnies from this week"

"Mommy, isnt this cute? It was $4.99. I bought it on your 'puter. Yessssss! I got a good deal!!"

"I'm going to go to the wedding ... and I'M going to wear the wedding dress!" [Because God Forbid anyone else be the center of attention!!]

"Mom ... please don't snuggle with me. I don't want your breath in my face. It smells like ... breath." 

[After trying to get M.'s attention repeatedly] "Daddy. I. AM TALKING. TO YOUUUUUUUU!"

"Ughhh ... come on, L. Imma give you a lick. But then you better LEAVE ME ALOOOOONE!" [L kept fussing and picking at her because he wanted her muffin and yogurt. Evne though he had polished off 1.5 muffins, a bunch of grapes and half a kiwi already!]

Such a dramatic one, that little girl! And already well beyond her three years!

Have your little ones said things this week that made you giggle? Maybe someone else really tickled your funny bone?! Feel free to share the comic relief you've had this week!


  1. Well, at least your breath smelled like breath and not something else LOL!!

    1. True -- her comment could have been worse! HAHA She often tells my husband his breath smells like poop, because she's almost always asking for a kiss shortly after he has smoked a cigarette.