11 February 2013

5 for Five

Monday morning, once again! We're hoping this is the last long week of 12's that M. will have to work before they promote him, officially, and send him over to his new position. And it will be even better if we get word before the weekend, and he doesn't have to work 3 12's in a row! We are ready for some normalcy around here!!


Last week's goals:

1. Finally call the dentist about L.'s front teeth: When I finally got around to finding the number of the family dentist that our Ped. had given me, it was Friday afternoon. Talk about procrastinating. I looked them up online to find their number ... and also found out that they close at 1pm on Fridays. And it was 2pm. Ugh. Guess we'll be trying again this week.

2. Take L. in for his iron check: Call me a bad mom if you want, but I called on Friday and cancelled the appointment. When they said they wanted him to come back in, his iron levels were borderline. But the Ped. thought it was because he had been sick. Because its never happened before. He's better ... he's not acting funny or different. He eats good, healthy foods. I just don't see the point of waiting around for an hour or more just so they can prick his finger, tell me they were right -- that his iron levels rebounded and he's fine, and then hold out their hand for their co-pay. Nope. Not happening.

3. Draw a chalkboard design on our board for Valentines: M. called me crazy ... but I managed to get something cute drawn up on the chalkboard in the kitchen. Now, if you had been here watching me try to do it, you would have rolled your eyes at me. I'm no real artist, so I taped the picture I had to the window so I could trace the reverse image with some chalk, in hopes of rubbing it on the chalkboard and then just drawing over it. It worked ... sort of. But at least its up there, and *I* think its cute. What do men know, anyways!!

4. Declutter the house: Monday evening when M. took S. on their Daddy/Daughter date I went around, put everything that was out of place in a basket and am putting it in its correct spot. Of course, in a house with two little ones, it never seems like the work is done. But at least now that the major decluttering is taken care of, its a lot easier to stay on top of. If only I could get M. to stay on top of himself!

5. Get my sign up form for the Children's Consignment Sale filled out: This was taken care of Wednesday afternoon, the same day I got my form in for the local CSA that I am buying into this year. So happy to get it all out of the way, the paperwork at least. Now comes to busy part of getting everything ready for the sale.

3 out of 5 -- and here I thought it might be a pretty simple week to accomplish. But of course, my procrastinating ways got the best of me and things didnt turn out the way I thought they might. One of these days, I'll get a 5/5 ... here's to trying again!

So ... onto this week's goals!

1. Call the Dentist about L.: No loafing around this time. It needs to be done. Yesterday. Pronto. Stat. End of story. Somebody please hold me to it!!

2. Dig out the totes of kids clothes from the barn and find the summer clothes we are going to sell: Its the first step towards getting everything ready for the sale. Honestly, I would rather have things done early this time and have them just sitting around the house than to wait until the last minute like I did last time. I need the less stressful route.

3. Cook one meal out of a cookbook in my kitchen: I have no problem cooking tons of recipes off pinterest. As a matter of fact, I tend to meal plan weekly around what looks good there. But I have a plethora of cookbooks [that I love] in my kitchen ... and I dont use them very often. I have a couple that have cracked spines from overuse ... but others have barely had their covers opened. Time to fix that!

4. Figure out a schedule for the kids when M. starts working a 5-day week: I want us to have something to look forward to each day. One day where we are cooking or baking something. A day where we go to the park or indoor play place. One day where we run all of our errands. A cleaning day. Things to occupy our mornings so nothing feels so monotonous. And maybe a designated craft time each day, as well ... at least for S.

5. Drink 2 glasses of water for every glass of soda: I've gotten really bad with my soda intake again. Between M. and I, we are easily polishing off a 2-liter in 24 hours. Horrible, Horrible habit ... and its taking its toll. On our weight and our health. We need to get back to drinking more water, especially when we are just sitting around at home.

What are your goals for this week?! And remember to head over and link up with Jessica and Jenn!


  1. 3 out of 5 isn't bad at all! Great job on what you've accomplished!

    Get that dentist call out of the way this week- I know you can do it! You've got some other great goals this week, too! I'm especially liking number 5! I think that is a great goal to have!

    Good luck this week! You can do it :)

    1. Thanks! Yesterday wound up being a horrible day all around, until bedtime. So the phone call didnt get made. Today is shaping up to be busy ... but thats just an excuse. Naptime is usually quiet, right?! I'll make the call today! :)

  2. I totally do the same thing with diet coke- 2 glasses of water per soda:)

    1. Its taken me some time to get used to our water -- its the first time Ive ever dealt with well-water before. But Ive already noticed how its curbing my want/NEED for that soda fix!