14 October 2010

Saving the Harvest

Our road is lined with farm fields. And in the past couple of weeks, they have been busy harvesting all the crops for the rest of the season.



Cotton -- well, that has yet to be picked.


Sweet potatoes.

Ahh my favorite harvest -- the sweet potatoes! Our landlord knows the farmer who owns the potato fields just down from our house, and told us the other day that they were done harvesting the entire field, and that we should go help ourselves to what was left.

When they rake a potato field, many get missed. Tons and tons, actually. They take the best of the best, the biggest. The ones they can get the most money for. And the ones that they dont have to dig and look to hard for.

So the other night, while Husband was working, I put Boogie in the stroller and we went down to try and get some. But because the field was so rutted, it was hard to really get in there and get to where they hadnt been too picked over yet.

Today, Husband took the truck and we went out there. All the way to the back of the field. The very back. And got quite a few.

Now, total, I have over 30 good sized sweet potatoes.

My plan is to let them sweeten up for another week or more, and then wash and bake them. Puree them. And then freeze them in one-cup portions. For the most part, the only thing I really bake with sweet potatoes, are biscuits [ OMG! I want some, yum! ] and maybe some sweets. Pancakes, etc. So I never really need a large amount at any one time. Freezing them in small portions will work out GREAT and will last probably until next harvest!!
This country living is getting to me. Not only will have I a bunch of frozen sweet potatoes, in the next few weeks I'll also be preparing a ton of pear preserves from our landlord's tree. Next year, I plan to preserve a lot of the vegetables and fruits that he gives us. And also make some apple butter, as well. I love the idea of living the whole year enjoying, and saving, that year's harvest!


  1. That sounds fabulous! I sure wish I had a knack for preserves.

    Please excuse the randomness, I've just been clicking through random blogs. I'm new to this site, but hoping to find some people in military or prior service relationships to follow. :)