08 October 2010

Consignment Sale Heaven

I seriously love consignment sales.
They have big organized consignment sales in our area every few months or so at the local Armories -- this was the second one this year that we've been to. Its always children's clothes and toys and furniture, so we always get some good steals for Boogie.
We went to one back in May in G-boro -- and it was really small. We got her some pajamas that she needed at the time, and a few toys. Nothing major.
Man -- it was like bargain shopper's heaven!
I honestly could have spent so much money in there. It was packed! I got her six or seven cute outfits for the fall/winter -- she really needed some long-sleeves, so it was perfect timing. But as soon as I was done looking through the 12 month clothes, Husband had flown through everything else and was ready to go.
Wouldn't even let me look around.
So we didnt get her any toys or anything. But Sunday, everything they still have is 50% off. So if he wants to go see his Dad and we stay home or something, maybe she and I will go back and look around some more.
Maybe not, though. I dont know. She doesnt really NEED any more toys ... especially with her birthday and christmas right around the corner.
But I do -- I LOVE these sales!!


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