02 October 2010

11 Months Old, Already?!

From this ...

to this, in just 11 months!

Its hard to believe: 11 months ago today I was laid up in the hospital, having just given birth to Boogie.

And now, she's growing up. TOO FAST! I cant get over how much she's changed, how much she's learning and growing every day. It fascinates me to just sit back and watch her figure things out on her own.

At 11 months, Boogie:

- weighs 24lbs and is 31 inches long
- can crawl [all over the place at lightening speed]
- crab walks on her hands and feet [she hates the pavement on her knees]
- pulls herself up to standing [on everything!]
- feeds herself [she loves donuts, and pancakes and greenbeans, too]
- can make the "indian" noises [ahh yaa yaa yaa] with her mouth
- blows kisses
- waves hello and goodbye
- can give a high five
- claps
- says: ma-ma, da-da, daddy, bye-bye, uh-oh, hi, and tickle
- is a master at making a mess
- opens cabinets [and pulls out all the contents!]
- pulls open drawers
- closes the door [and can reach the doorknob! Uh-oh!]
- jumps on her bed, and the couch
- climbs on everything [including the oven, the couch ... and me]

and she also:

- bites [hard]
- slaps [hard]
- and pinches [hard]

I love her to death! Even her beastly qualities. She has her daddy's eyes and her mommy's sense of humor! She's going to go places in this world, I just hope she enjoys the ride!


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