21 September 2010

Now on Night-Shift

So husband went back to work/training today after a three-day weekend.

He was a little nervous heading in to his first actual day in the prison -- so much so, he smoked three cigarettes in his measely 20 minute ride to work.

He did well, though. Managed to find two shanks and a cigarette on his first day. Everyone seemed really impressed with that! He was worried about telling me ... but hey! He was/is a Marine. I figure he's seen worse.

Now, when he calls to say someone threw crap on him?!? Thats when I'll wish he hadn't told me!

[And yes -- it happens quite often!]

He also found out that he's been put on night shift. So he'll work from 1745 - 0600 from now on.

This means a few things for me:

1. I get complete control of the remote for the good tv shows
2. I can lay in the middle of the bed and spread out as much as I want

But it also means that I have to learn to have dinner ready no later than 1630 on the nights he is working. As opposed to the 1830 that we've been doing lately.

And it means I have to figure out ways to keep Boogie quiet during the day when he's sleeping. Thankfully, the weather will be cooling down soon -- so we can spend more time outside!


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