25 August 2010

Job Hunt ...

Well ...

My husband went for two second-level job interviews today. Neither seemed to go as we had hoped.

The first interview was in Raleigh for a corrections officer. He had to watch a video, take a psychological exam, take a personality test, and review his physical results. Because of his medical discharge, he had to let them know exactly WHAT his disabilities are.

And because of that, they haven't yet decided if they want to disqualify him or not. They said they would call him next week.


The second job interview was for a jailer position in our county. They had been really interested ... only to find out that the county is on a hiring freeze.

What the ...!??!?

They said they were short-staffed. So they were allowed to hire a few people to fill the positions. But because they have to save as much money as possible, they are looking for people who are already certified with their BLET training. IF, and only IF, they don't find someone with certification, which my husband does not have, then they will look at other people.

I guess at this point, we really need to hope for the corrections officer position, and pray they dont rule him out because of his hearing. He wears hearing aids, after all!


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