07 July 2010

Beach Weekend WrapUp

We had a wonderful time with family at Ocean Isle Beach!

Since it had been Christmas the last time we saw everyone, it was nice to catch up, see what was new, laugh and joke and talk all weekend. The kids were cute, too. The oldest of the three is 3 years old ... and very motherly. She was all about kissing the devil pup. And kept trying to tickle her and play with her. It was adorable.

Her 16 month old brother? He wasn't sure what to think. One minute he loved the devil pup and wanted to smile at her and kiss on her. A minute later, he would walk up to her and smack her!

And of course, no matter what he did, one look at his face set our oh-so-dramatic little pup off; the tears fell like rain!

We ate a lot of food, rode the JetSki, laid on the beach, and watched more than 10 different fireworks shows over the course of the long holiday! We had a blast!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration, as well!


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